Fistful of Dragon Puns

Why do you think they call them dragons? Because the fights would dragon on and on? Or maybe they were drag queens. They put their drag on. They could have been doctors, but nobody could read their hand writing. Or maybe there was a species of lizard that’s now extinct, but it actually did exist and was hunted down, since it was a threat to the safety of the locals and it ended up having myths told about it just to pump up the stories about the men who killed them? Ah, who am I kidding. That one wasn’t funny at all!



Filed under Flash Fiction, Session XI

2 responses to “Fistful of Dragon Puns

  1. traciakemi

    made me laugh and smile wide. i like things that make me do that. and i like that i have no idea who you are 🙂

  2. it dont help at all

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