How to Adapt to the New World (“Interlude to a New World” revision)

How to Adapt to the New World

Take this cat.

Now flip it upside-down… it lands on its feet, doesn’t it?


Now take this dog.

He just falls and hurts himself.

Dogs can’t adapt to change. It’s a known fact.


Ever throw a cat at the ceiling?


A sloth is a creature that can exist its whole life upside down. It exists on an entirely different plane than cats or dogs. Even so, a sloth still has less world perspective than a cat. It was born upside-down; that’s the only world it knows. Turn a sloth right side up and it wouldn’t even know what to do with itself.


Some animals are able to compartmentalize each perspective.

Bats use the upside-down world for sleeping and the right side up world for hunting.

Some lizards and insects can live either way, but they can only stick to the walls.

Monkeys are strongly rooted in the “right side up,” but they have no qualms with using the “upside-down” to their advantage.


Don’t throw cats at the ceiling. It disorients them.


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