My Secret Garden (revision)

My secret garden is the most amazing garden in the whole world! In my secret garden, I look after the birds and the flowers and the beetles. I count the flowers, and I named one beetle Frances. He tells me secrets! Like how the soil is better for planting in one part of the garden and how Mr. Hummingbird has been dipping into the nectar again (Oh, Mr. Hummingbird. You drink too much!).

In my secret garden, I can escape from the bad man. In my garden, he doesn’t have a name. Only the beetles and Mr. Hummingbird do. The flowers keep watch over me, like knights guarding a princess. The insects are all my faithful subjects and Mr. Hummingbird is my closest advisor and friend. Mr. Hummingbird hums sweet nothings into my ear, but he never grabs me and shakes me like the bad man does.

In my secret garden, I can watch the sun through the leaves. When I close my eyes, it looks like glowing Swiss cheese. The cheese turns from red to yellow to green and then purple! Sometimes, while I’m in my garden, I get hungry. I pack a lunch and sprinkle some on the ground for the royal subjects. Mr. Hummingbird makes hovering from place to place look easy. I wish I could stay in one place, though. Today, I have to say goodbye to my secret garden. But not yet. Right now, all there is is me and my secret garden. And Mr. Hummingbird. And Frances. And a thousand different flowers.


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