Hanging out on the Hot Hood of a Honda while High (revision)

“California is such a unique word, man. What other word is like Cali?” asked the fast one, passing the joint off to his friend.

The slow one thought until the haze passed over his eyes. “What about calamari?”

“Calamari! You are so wise, man. You know that? I could totally go for some calamari right now. Namsayin’ brah?”

“Yeah…” the slow one paused for the haze to clear again. “What about… Caligula?”

What? Now you’re just makin’ stuff up.” The fast one shot a rapid-fire laugh that sounded a little bit like a cartoon chipmunk.

“No…” the slow one began, eyes wide with revelation. “He was like Attila the Hun… like Hadrian’s wall in the Alps.”

“Deep, man. You know shit. That’s good, man. I’m jealous.” The fast one took a hit and blew.

A cloud shaped like a giant penis drifted by.

Neither one noticed.


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Filed under Flash Fiction, Session XXIV

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