Smoothie Operator

Coffee barristas? Ha! Coffee barristas are lamesauce, yo! Don’t take NO skill to put water in a can and press a button. I got my mangoes right here. I got my bananas (you know I got my bananas). I got my fresh-as-a-daisy squeezed O.J.! Ha haa! YEAH! Put in a little bit of my yogurt, a little bit o’ honey fo’ my honeys (namsayin’ playaaaa?), and that shit is POPPIN’! What? What up now? Coffee Barristas got nothin’ on me! Come into my house? Nuh uh! Nuh, uh! That’s not it goes down in my house! First we throw in the fruit, then we hit frappe on this mother! Ice cold. You like my smoothies, baby? Sure you do. Open wide, ’cause here comes the S train: Choooooooo~!


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Filed under Flash Fiction, Session XXIV

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