Black pen on napkins. Red pen on paper.

I’m not sure if Edren is a very wise man or a very foolish man. He gave me these napkins with the knowledge that I post everything I put in my pocket. Here we go:

Lady with
The glasses
I think we should
Be friends
For tonight
Maybe tomorrow
And, if you like
My jokes
To next year

She’s got a boyfriend
From what I hear
From the people
Sitting next to her
And from her toes
But her eyes
Say single
And thirsty for
A shot

You fucked my friend
From what stories
From his face
In backyard cigarettes
And empty beer cans
You’re unfuckable
My friend
Has fucked my
Ex girlfriends
That makes you
Next Tuesday

and here’s my shit:

My brain
punched out
its last ticket
to Timbucktoo.
if I know
where timbucktoo is
but I think that’s really
how Brain
wants it.

Red lightning
on the T.V.
Get that bitch
out of the way.
I’m trying
to watch
tomorrow’s highs.


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