Trampoline Dream

Elian wanted to go to the moon. He bounced on his trampoline and higher he went, so much so, that he was sailing up into the frosty night air, so high that he could feel like this forever. But Elian wasn’t at the moon yet, so he put on his game face and dug his heels into the trampoline.

Blammo! Elian shot up through the clouds and past the stars. He had his protective goggles on so he was safe from alien laser attacks. Elian took advantages of his situation and floated around freely, bouncing off of meteors and spinning Saturn’s rings. Elian went right up, all the way to the north star. He grabbed the Little Dipper and smashed it into the Big Dipper. He made all the noise he wanted to and nobody would yell at him.

But oh no, Elian! He flew straight past the moon and he was shooting out into the other direction. Elian sucked in all the air in his lungss and blew out until his face turned red. This was just enough to change direction, and Elian floated gently onto the moon’s surface. He was greeted by five million alien basketball players.

“Have you got game?” the aliens asked.

Elian narrowed his eyes, looking like one mean dude. “More game than yo mama,” Elian replied. This infuriated the aliens and all five million charged Elian on the court. He bounced way up into the air with the moon’s gravity helping him out. Elian grabbed the ball and slam dunked it. Even five million moon men had nothing on Elian. He dribbled the ball so much and dunked it so hard that they had to replace the ball two times.

Suddenly, Elian remember what time it was. “I should really get home. My parents like me to be bed before th eclasses are over. He ended the game by shaming the aliens with a shatterboard. He stuck his tongue out while doing it, because it seemed like the thing to do. The moon men bowed down to Elian and his crazy b-ball skills.

“Come back any time, Elian. You have a place among the moonmen.”

The moon men waved goodbye and Elian went sailing down to Earth, down through the stars, down past the dippers and the Milky Way. He flew into the sky and settled down on to the trampoline. Elian would have fallen asleep there if his parents hadn’t called him inside. He was so excited about his adventures in space.

Elian’s mother tucked him into his spaceship blankets and said she’d tell him a bedtime story.

Elian thought about it for a mmoment. “Tell me the one with man on the moon again.”

“Okay,” Mother said.

“And have him play basketball against space lasers.”

“We’ll see,” Mother said.

Pew pew pew!” Elian fired an imaginary gun and then he fell fast asleep.

Mother kissed Elian on the forehead. “Tell me what happens with the aliens tomorrow, sweetie.”

She closed the door and Elian snored lightly amidst the glow-in-the-dark stars and moon scattered all over his ceiling.


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