Magical Love Girl

“Drink it!” Hal yells, scrunching Crystal’s cheeks together. “Drink!

“I don’ wanna,” Crystal can’t help but pout, her face being crushed together like it is.

“You’re gonna drink it and you’re gonna like it!”

“Nooooo-mulp!” Hal thrusts the vial into her mouth. Crystal bends down to her knees to cough it out. Already, she is changing. Crystal’s entire world turns a pinkish hue. Her lips feel fuller, her eyelashes longer. Her bust and hips swell. Her hair grows down past her knees and her skirt shrinks far above her knees. She has cleavage now, and cheekbones. All her baby fat has washed away. She feels dizzy, like she’s been spinning around for a full minute. Suddenly, a bright light surges from within her. She cries out and Crystal is no longer Crystal anymore.

“I’m Magical Love Girl Kasumi and I’m here to fight for all that full of love and kindness. Evil beware!” Magical Love Girl Kasumi stands in a wide, confident stance, her hair and skirt blowing in the sudden breeze that accompanied her arrival. Her left hand settles snugly onto her womanly hip, her right hand, palm out, telling evil to “stop!”

The crowd bursts into applause. “Go get ’em, Magical Love Girl Kasumi!” Hal yells amidst the uproar.

“We believe in you!” a young girl cries, tears of admiration running down her cheeks.

Magical Love Girl Kasumi winks and blows a kiss into the crowd, then she turns to face her foe.

“Ah! Magical Love Girl Kasumi! Finally, we meet,” the lizard creature hisses. “I, Kimodo, have devoured the love from your best friend and now I will devour all the love from you next! What a delicious feast it will be!”

“Kimodo, your evil deeds stop here! I will destroy you for what you’ve done to the good people of this city, and to my best friend, too!”

Kimodo’s jaws open and her tongue flicks out, stretching to crash into where Magical Love Girl Kasumi’s feet once were if she hadn’t nimbly leapt out of the way. The street shatters under the immense force of Kimodo’s vile tongue.

“Your love-eating days are over, Kimodo.” Magical Love Girl Kasumi’s hands weave a complex sign, her finger’s meeting together in a oval opening. “Beautiful Love Bullet!” she chants, a beam of light shooting out from the opening.

“Gaaaah! Curse you, Magical Love Girl Kasumi!” The light engulfs the lizard-woman and she turns back into the school librarian. The day is saved. Everyone in the crowd cheers wildly.

Magical Love Girl Kasumi transforms back into Crystal, who slumps to the ground, exhausted from the mighty battle. Hal runs up to hug her and carry her back home to rest.

“You did it, Crystal! Magical Love Girl Kasumi saved the day!”

“Please stop,” Crystal whispers quietly through her sobbing. “Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this to me?”


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One response to “Magical Love Girl

  1. awesomepie

    I always thought the whole magical girl genre was a little disturbing.

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