The Twins

The twins walked, skipped, and hopped along the railroad tracks. They brought snacks and sang songs and told stories about space pirates. High fives were exchangeable with the currency of low fives, and sometimes one was just too slow and missed out. Each time they heard a train’s horn blowing off in the distance or its engine chugging along, ever rapidly louder, the twins would find a way to get off the tracks. At first, they just stepped off on either side of the track, but then they started spinning, dancing, and dosey-doing off the tracks. When the train went by, they would meet back on the tracks again and laugh about what kind of faces they made at the passengers or what kind of secret government weapons were being hidden  in the cabooses.  The twins had much more fun spinning and dancing and dosey-doing than they ever had at home with their parents. And they’re not afraid of getting their fit caught or tripping, either, because they don’t drag their feet. They walk like soldiers, always reminding each other to keep forging ahead. The twins will always be there for each other, even when a really long train goes by. Especially when a really long train goes by!


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  1. awesomepie

    I had to take a break from writing about zombies. Finishing up the last chapter now and (hopefully) will have all the revising done tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

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