Snow Fairy

I’m Kip. I’m a snow fairy. Pleased ta meetcha. Ya know? I never met a real live person before. I’m kind of slow for a snow fairy. Usually when I get to the person, he’s already all frozen and dead. Yeaaah. Iz kind uv a bummer, ya know?

Bein’ a snow fairy ain’t all snowflakes and frostbite, tho! Sometimes we got ta flutter one way and then bam! Yer all flutterin’ the next way! It’s rough, y’know? No staw-bility! I tell ya, it’s no blanket of fresh powder. Sumtimes, yeah, I wish I was a water fairy, drippin’ offa a fresh juicy strawbirry. Oooh! Makes me wanna eat one right now. Well, I mean I’ve heard they’re good. From, y’know… sources. Hey, I know water fairies! Every spring, we switch shifts. My buddy’s always tellin’ me how awesome spring is. But it’s cool. I like the cold and dead people an’ stuff. Strawberries prolly taste like snot, ennyways. Yeah… prolly.



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Filed under Flash Fiction, Session XX

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