Dark Obsession

Black lines running down her cheeks. They glisten like the holy river Ganges. Her lower lip quivers, like the fire of a candle warding a home from the night. A hum from her throat, a muted angel song. I want to bathe myself in her light. She moves to cover her face. She’s ashamed of her tears.

“No. No. Shhh. It’s okay,” I tell her, wiping away the glistening rivers with a delicate thumb. “He can’t hurt you anymore.”

Her lip stops quivering. Her eyes meet my gaze. They are beautiful, two blue worlds, shadowed by formless space all around. She is a beautiful soul, a feminine other to complement my darkness. I reach in for the kiss. Like the sky meeting the earth, we are complete now.


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Filed under Flash Fiction, Session XX

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