Caramel Sunset

Planet Seratradha has caramel sunsets. I like them. Granted, it’s partly because of the thin atmosphere, but I think it’s beautiful, the bright yellow melting into a deeper amber color. Everything looks like it’s bathed in a bright gold butterscotch bath. I love it.

Daisy loves it, too. We like to watch the sun set together. Daisy has red hair but it looks like yellow-vermillion color. In fact, her hair looks exactly like a sunset on Earth. I never noticed this before…

“Hey, Daisy…” I say.

“Yeah?” she says, a little sleepily. Her hair moves over her eyes and she brushes it away. The thin atmosphere must be getting to me, it’s so hard to breathe.

“Um… nothing.” My heart keeps beating. I guess it always has been. I just never noticed until now. Why didn’t I notice something so close to me?


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Filed under Flash Fiction, Session XX

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