Chatty Bartender

Take a load off, brother. Have a drink. I wiped off your seat for you. Have the first on me. Really. Now hold on, I have to help out the girl over there with the huge tits.


. . .


How you enjoying your beer, brother? Want another? No problem: mi casa es su casa. How’s work been? The wife? Oh, too bad. You need another drink? Take it from me. I been there. Maybe you should talk with the girl over there. I’ll put in a good word. Man shouldn’t drink alone. Oh, the wife. Yeah. Don’t hurt to talk, but I wouldn’t want her stomping over here and torchin’ the place. She’s crazy, brother. Want another drink? A shot? You’re the boss.


. . .


Hey, brother! You’re lookin’ mighty well. You sure you’re good? You’re not driving, are ya? Ha ha! No, I’m serious. Okay. That’s cool. Just don’t do anything stupid, yeah? Go straight home. One more for the road? It’s not Friday yet! Just for you, brother. Take care of yourself, man. Tomorrow’s a new day.



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One response to “Chatty Bartender

  1. awesomepie

    You may have been wondering what that countdown was? Well, starting today, I will be posting 2-3 post every day until the end of the month. Happy holidays, everyone!

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