What Happened to Jake?

Nobody knew where Jake was at 4 p.m. In any other town, maybe that wouldn’t have been a big deal, but in Arvington, everyone knew where everyone was. And if you didn’t, just ask a couple people. It’s not a big town, maybe not even a real town. Only two blocks, but what else could they call it? Everyone just figured Jake was missing or dead. Had he been eaten by snakes or rabid wolverines? Had he been taken by an escaped convict or a traveling madman?

Jake was the talk of Arvington for quite some time. People imagined what deaths had occured, or whether he was trapped under a rock. They thought maybe he’d wandered off in a drunken stupor and fell into a ditch. Maybe the Devil just opened up the ground and said, “Time’s up, Jake!” Nobody really knew. Nor did anybody really care to look for him. Why? Well, you see, Jake was kind of a dick.


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Filed under Flash Fiction, Session XX

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