Drive to the Date

Cassidy took the side roads to get to her date. She was nervous but she had no idea why. Yeah, she’d never dated someone she’d met on the internet, but was that really the problem? Internet people are just like regular people, only they’re probably way more fat and lazy. Cassidy flips down her vanity mirror and looks herself over one more time while she’s sitting at a red light. What is he going to say about her? He’ll comment on her eyes, probably. They’re almond eyes. Everyone says that. They’re brown and shaped like almonds, so she guesses that’s fair. Still, Cassidy doesn’t like having almond eyes. She wants stunning pools. Deep lakes. Ocean eyes. She wants eyes like knives. Eyes that yell “get back!” or whisper “come hither.” Anything but almond eyes.

Green light and Cassidy flips up the sun visor up. The guy looks decent enough but Cassidy doesn’t think it’s a recent picture. He could be completely blob-o. How would she react, then? Should she flip out and leave? Should she just play it cool, go on the date and just not answer his calls after that? It is a free meal. Omigod, what if he believes in going dutch on the bill! Oh! Oh, that would be just awful for everybody.


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Filed under Flash Fiction, Session XX

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