What do I even say?

What do I even say to the mealy paws of addiction? What do I say to two chambers and a trigger? I want to know. I want to know what is on your mind when you look at the world like you want to set it all on fire. I want that passion again. If we could take it all back, we’d ruin it faster than we did the first time. What do I even say to you when all you do is feed me what I crave but not what I want? It’s cinnamon, cardamom, tamarind, and ginger. It’s all those things and one more. One ingredient so vile, it sucks the lining out of your gut. That’s right. I’ll say it with venom. I’ll say it with chemicals and splash it all over the walls. Never have I wanted to eat another creature’s tongue so bad. How do tastebud’s taste? Do they have any flavor at all? Finished. All done and ready for takeoff, sir or madam. Zoom.


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Filed under Flash Fiction, Session XX

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