Virus (Raw version, to be edited)

[Mr./Mrs. Catalano drink too much wine and get in an argument about stem cell research – Grace is against because of using unborn children for adult benefit;  Renato agrees]
It’s the weekend and Seamus’s parents are drinking again. Seamus usually stays up in his room but he hasn’t been feeling well.
“What’s wrong, hon?”
“Mom, I think I’m in love.”
“Ohhh no. Are you sure? What are the symptoms?”
“It feels like a shiver from the pit of my stomach up to my heart.”
“That’s it all right. You wait here. I’m going to get your father.”
Three minutes later, Mr. Catalano comes bolting in.
“My son is in love? With who?”
“Uh. Just some girl. You wouldn’t know her.”
“Are you sure he’s in love?”
“He has all the symptoms.”
“What do we do?”
“We’ll just have to wait for it to run its natural course. After he goes through the
rejection phase, he should be clear of it.”
“Isn’t there another way?”
“I’m afraid not, dear.”
Dad collapses on the couch.
“Uh, rejection phase? Aren’t you two being a little pessimistic?”
The parents look at each other and laugh.
“You’ll learn all about it soon enough.”
“But it worked out for you two.”
“Why, we both went through all sorts of crazies and idiots before we settled on ours. My crazy
“My idiot husband.”
“Maybe it’s time we told him.”
“You think?”
“Suuure. He’s old enough.”
“Tell me what?”

[later, Renato passed out – Grace goes through his wallet]

“This is what I love about your father.” [he has personal fortunes made – that’s how they met. He carries one in his wallet that has a Futurist Manifesto quote] “He’s always taken the initiative, created his own future, but he knows the future of the world will always be left to you–the next generation.”

“I’m worried about our generation.”

“We were just as dumb, maybe even stupider. Don’t think your generation is special in that respect.”

“I don’t know about that.”

“You weren’t there. Trust me, we were pretty fuckin’ stupid all around.”

“I know it shouldn’t but why does that make me feel better?”


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