Rehoboth, Part 3

“I love the smell of the beach,” Dizzie said, pulling out a sock full of change.

“Dizzie,” Kira pointed, “Is that an old sock?”

“Oh yeah! Feeds the meters and self-defense!” she swung it around.

Sadie was about to wait for them to argue again. She grabbed the beach gear from the trunk just to be out of the way. All she said was, “That’s stupid. Don’t ever bring a sock full of quarters to a knife fight, Diz.”

Dizzie stuck her tongue out at Kira.

“Here, let me help you out,” Kira said, taking the icebox from Sadie’s hands. Dizzie had a way of getting Kira riled up. But now they were in public, she donned her usual stoic mask.

They found a good spot next to some hot guys playing volleyball. When Kira started watching the game and Dizzie began heckling the players, they invited the girls to join.

“Oh, no. I’m no good at volleyball,” Sadie said.

“Bullshit!” Dizzie smiled. Sadie looked down at the sand. “Well, either way, you’re joining us. We got to have three on each side.”

“But what about our stuff?”

“We’re right next to it. ‘Sides, if anyone makes a go with our icebox, Kira runs track and has no problem with tearing out a man’s throat. Right, Care Bear?”

Kira smiled and shook her head.

The boys were good. Kira opted to be the server at first, but the boys kept spiking it over Dizzie’s head. “Dizzie,” Kira threw her the ball. “Take the back.” Kira walked up to the net, stared down the boy with the frosted tips and the six-pack up front. She slid a finger across her throat. The boy laughed. He was trying to assert his superiority, but Sadie just thought he sounded nervous.

Sadie tried to keep up. She counted each bump and tried not to get in the way when it was time to hit it over the net if she could help it. Her friends shouted encouragement at her. Sadie wondered, did they really believe in her or were they just saying that to be polite? Dizzie was sweating and panting. She wasn’t very tall and had to run twice as fast as Kira. Even so, she was biting her lip ring in excitement. Sadie wondered how it would feel to be that lap, underneath those Dizzie’s sharp canines. Then, the ball smacked her in the head.

“Oi! Shitbags! Watch where you’re hittin’ that thing!” Dizzie yelled and slid up to Sadie. “You okay, Sadie lady?”

“Uh…” she couldn’t stop staring at her lips. “I’m fine.”


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