Rehoboth, Part 3

“I can see it in your eyes that night! The moon was bright! FERNANDO!” Dizzie was screaming over The Clash’s “White Riot”, trying to keep Kira awake. Kira, in turn, was trying to ignore her. Sadie remained silent. She felt out of place, squirming uncomfortably in her seat.

“Stop it! Enough!” Kira screamed, shooting out of her seat. “If you weren’t driving, I’d choke you out!”

“Ooh. Mama like!” Dizzie laughed.

Kira laid back into her seat. The Ramones came on shuffle with “California Sun” and Dizzie fell silent.

“Oi, Dizzie. Your man crush is on,” Kira smiled.

“Shut it.”

They both sounded a little more British, Sadie noted. She wondered if this was a game the two played.

“Rancid’s cover is better, anyway,” Kira said and rolled over, probably to cover up her snickering.

“Oh no you di’nt!”

“I did.”

“Sadie, take the wheel,” Dizzie said, reaching a fist back to beat on Kira.

Sadie panicked, putting her hands up and stuttering.

“Put your eyes back on the road. You’re going to give poor Sade a conniption.”

Sadie sighed.

“Come on, Sunshine,” Dizzie nudged her. “You need to relax a bit.”

“Sorry,” Sadie mumbled.

“And for God’s sake, don’t apologize!”


Dizzie ran a palm through her hair. “We’re just going to have to work on you. Right, Kira?”

“She’s not the one that needs work,” Kira replied.

“Shut it,” Dizzie said. “Hey, Sadie. Cute boys in the next car. Show ’em your goods.”

Sadie looked down at her feet.

Dizzie sucked on her finger, pulled it out of her mouth, and flipped them off. “That’s what I call my wet boy. Take notes.” She guns it and cuts in front of the car. The boys behind them are forced to hit the brakes. They honk.

“Diz!” Kira shouts.


“Don’t be a cunt!”

“I’m excited! We got all the goils togetha!”

“Yeah, well, Sadie doesn’t want to die today.”

Sadie sits up. “I’m okay. I trust Dizzie.”

“Well, you shouldn’t!” Kira and Dizzie said at the same time. They started laughing. Sadie felt left out again.


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