The News

The old man frowned at the television screen.

“I hate Lou Dobbs and his fat head! Who even listens to this guy? All he does is rant all day about things he hates! Nobody cares!” He shouted, cupping his mouth at the T.V.

“Obviously, somebody cares,” his wife said, stirring up some cookie batter in the kitchen area. “A lot of people watch his show, honey.”

“Yeah, well people are idiots!”

“You can’t say that everyone’s an idiot.”

“Yes I can! They’re all a bunch of whiners and bigots on this program and I hate it! When did the news get to be 24 hours of crap anyway?”

“Ronaldo! Language!”

“Sorry, dear.”

“We have our grandkids coming by. I don’t want to hear any of that while talk when the little ones are around!”

“I know!” he dismissed the rebuke with his remote control hand. “I promise my talk will be all candy and roses with the little puerquitos.

“Enough of that!”

“Well, their parents feed them too much. Always feeding them, like they are going hungry at every meal. It doesn’t help that you are making them cookies.”

“I am making them cookies because I love them! You get off your fat, lazy butt and do something yourself!” She ran over to him with her spoon and hit him on the head. “Now, go and wash this spoon off and then wash your hair. We’re having visitors!”

“But I’ll miss Wolf Blitzer! I love that guy!” But he marched to the sink, batter in his hair. It was best not to argue with her when she got so unreasonable like this.


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