“His brother. He was followed, then.” The man was cleaning off his knife with a white cloth.

Micah couldn’t speak. His mind was too warped with thoughts of murder and disbelief. His feet kept taking him forward, toward the carnage, toward the man with the knife and his brother’s presently lifeless body.

“He would not repent for his actions. A pity. He would have made a fine brother in the Rapturists.”

This was Micah’s only brother. His brother with whom he had shared his childhood. Their entire family, turned to zombies and slaughtered by his and Jerm’s own hands before they left town. His brother was all he had.

“Repent?” Micah croaked, barely sounding human.

“Yes. Raping a fellow officer. How uncouth.”

“It wasn’t…”

“Wasn’t rape? He told me as much. Ask that girl or her family. They’ll tell a different story. Your brother was marked by his sins. I merely carried him forward to his destiny.”

Micah wanted to cry, to laugh, to stain the world with this man’s blood. His feet took him forward.

“Will you repent, Micah? Do you repent for your sins?”


The man intended to slash Micah’s throat open, quick and clean. Micah’s arm moved in the way. The blade cut deep but Micah did not seem to feel it. He grabbed the man’s wrist with his good arm and bit down on his forearm. He screamed. Micah enjoyed that scream. He bit down through the flesh and the blood and the muscle until bone reached bone. He spit the flesh and the blood and the muscle from his mouth. The man screamed more. Micah enjoyed it too much to notice the fist meeting his temple. Or his brother devouring the chunk of flesh his own mouth had refused.

The man reached down for his knife with his good arm. Having a taste for his flesh, Jerm reached out hungrily and sunk his teeth into the other arm. Crucified by the teeth of the brothers, the man wept.

“God!” Whether he was calling for help or release, Micah decided on the latter. He tackled the man to the ground, his head cracking upon the rocks. Micah brought his boot down until his brains were ground meat.

Micah stepped back, fell back onto a large boulder and slid down. He watched his brother crawl forward, rip open the man’s gut, and feast on his innards. When Jeremiah was done feeding, Micah crushed his skull with a sharp rock.


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