Blockade (Revision)

“Wake up, shithead.” Jerm punched Micah in the shoulder.

“Ow! Fucker.”

“We’re in New Mexico.”


“So, take the wheel. I’ma get sumthin’ to eat.”

“We almost there?”


“Jerm, you still mad?”

“I dunno, dipshit. Only happened a few hours ago. Don’t know how you get your beauty rest, Micah. She was human.”

Micah clenched his teeth. “Did what I had to. You remember Barbara?”

” ‘course I remember Barb. Nicest fuggin’ lady on the planet.”

“Bit by a fuggin’ little mosquito. Turned into a zombie.”

“You think I don’t remember that, Micah? We killed just about everyone in the God damned town! I don’t care if you’re the prodigal doctor, Mike, but Barbara was an old fuggin’ lady. Maybe Jaclyn–”

“I couldn’t take that risk! It’s done, Jerm! Drop it!”

Jerm bit down on his jerky stick and stared out the window. He wondered for a moment if he was dead and Hell was actually one big road trip with your older brother. Maybe they’d never get where they needed to go.

Micah cleared his throat. “We did what we had to… I think about what we did that day all the time.”

“I know, man. I know. Don’t worry ’bout it. Let’s just get to Albuquerque.”

Everything looks the same on this highway anyway. It’s all shrubs and dust. He and Micah tried turning on the radio but there’s pretty much no reception out here. Place is a shithole. Jerm always thought maybe he’d get into trouble and have to leave the state, but he never thought he’d be running from zombie skeeters.

“Shit!” Micah slammed on the brakes.

Jerm got thrown against the dashboard. He hadn’t buckled up.

“What the fuck, man!” He had been trying to take a nap.


“What? Run it.”

“They have guns!”

” ‘swhy we need to run it.”

“Jerm, I ain’t dying for you. I’m sorry. We can talk to these guys.”

“Yeah, and get our asses shot! Give me that!”

Jerm grabbed for the wheel and the car swerved off road. Micah pulled it back again. The car swerved back and forth until a shot rang out. Jerm smashed his head into the windshield. The busted tire made a few thuds before Micah slowed down to a full stop.

“Out of the car!” yelled a man with a rifle. “Let me see your hands!” Neither argued. The man signalled for some of his men to take apart the car. “What’s it look like?”

“Some food, sir! A lot of bottles back here. Looks like piss, sir!”

“Found a gun in the glove compartment,” another said.

“Good work. Confiscate that for now.” He turned to Jerm and Micah. “Mind tellin’ me who you boys are and where you’re going?”

“Dr. Micah Box. My brother, Jeremiah.” Jerm waved his hand. His head felt sticky and he was a little dizzy.

“You went to medical school?”

“Yes. I’m a physician.”

“I’ll be! Guess we lucked out!”

“If it’s not a problem, sir, we’d rather get going to Albuquerque.”

“Not a problem for me, son, if you want to become zombie chow. Albuquerque’s still getting cleaned out by our men. You’re in Moriarty now.”

“And you are?”

“Sergeant Baron Mash.”

“These are privates Richard Hatch and Arnold Ball. I like to call them ‘Dick’ and ‘Ball.’ Our sharpshooter over here is Corporal Mickey Taylor. We’re Border Guard. You stay with us, you’re Border Guard, too. We kill zombies. That’s it. We need more doctors, Micah. Someone gets bit, our policy is to shoot to kill, but people get sick and injured anyway. We’d be happy to have ya. Your brother handy with a gun?”

“Handy enough,” Micah says, looking over at Jerm. “Move your hand, dipshit.” Jerm takes his hand off his head. It’s bloody but his head’s not gushing. “You’ll be fine. There’s disinfectant in that bag your men took.”

Mash signalled for Ball to look through the bag and bring it over. Micah rummaged through it and took out some cottonballs and ethanol.

“See. We’re fine,” Micah whispered into Jerm’s ear.

“Yeah. Just keep your mouth shut and we’ll keep bein’ fine.”

“Hold still, you idjit!” Micah said aloud.

“Gentlemen, if you don’t mind, let’s get to camp. I’ll brief you on what’s been happening of late.”

“Guess we’re Border Guard now,” Micah shrugged.

“Yee-ha,” Jerm said without a hint of enthusiasm.

“Keep puttin’ pressure on that cotton ball.”

“Shut yer face!”



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2 responses to “Blockade (Revision)

  1. edrensumagaysay

    So I know I keep harping on the possibility of writing a “zombie” novel, but, ya know, it seems like a really big possibility since you keep churning out some interesting zombie-rific pieces.

    Just a thought. Because the whole modern twist – matter-of-fact thing is helping with the understanding of the story. But I had a thought while reading this post that something you might consider is to write the main story through a lot of different perspectives. Meaning that none of the characters you use to tell the story are all that essential to the actual story. Kind of like, almost, you bring in a different character or group of characters to introduce a new transition of the main story, which could me the revelation of how the world got zombie-fied. So by the end, there are literally thousands of characters, none of which are the main characters, but all together, they tell the story of what happened to the world.

    Or not. Lol. Just a thought. As of right now, for my comments to you, will not be about how you write or how you format or anything like that, because I think you’ve proven you’ve got a good grasp and ability with that, but I’ll be commenting on some of the options and possibilities you might want to consdier in fleshing out the story. Or stories.

    I think you’re pretty close to getting a book out of, not just the zombie stories, but of your writing all around.


  2. awesomepie

    That’s actually an excellent idea. I’d been getting into kind of a slump with the zombie stories. I was all like “This whole having a plot is ruining my zombie stories!” So, you know, not trying to mechanize a plot was my plan, but I wasn’t sure how to accomplish it. Thing is, it was right under my nose. I’d been writing different characters. Might as well keep doing it with reckless abandon. Who needs a plot anyway? Thanks for the advice, Edren. I’m kind of in love with this idea.

    ~ Seamus K.

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