The Krummling

You can hear it at night, profaning the air with a jackal whine. The cold wind echoes with sounds of teeth scraping against rock. It sounds like a hind chewing glass, or so the locals say. They call it the Krummling.

The Krummling, they say, is a beast with forty legs and a thousand teeth. No one’s ever seen the Krummling, but some say it grinds men apart slowly to feed off their terror. The Krummling is called a beast, a monster, and a god, almost all in the same breath.

The Krummling lives below the cliffside at the edge of town. The locals say that eventually, the Krummling will eat through the cliff and finally eat them. Even so, nobody suggests building a town farther from the sea. The locals simply consider it their fate if the Krummling should finally succeed. That isn’t to say they don’t try to deter its progress. It is said that when the Krummling is happy, it eats faster. When the Krummling is hungry, it eats slower. The locals teach their children young to never show fear or even feel it. The Krummling takes energy from their fear.

When the locals celebrate, you can barely hear the Krummling eat. The noises that plague the night are countered by a loud whooping and hollaring. Some men become so fearless that they go to the edge of the sea and hurl curses at the Krummling. Some of these men, depending on how inebriated, never come back. They fall off the cliff and are assumed to be food for the Krummling.

When the locals pray at night, they pray that those caught in the teeth of the Krummling died silently and without fear of the Krummling’s black maw and the darkness beyond.



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2 responses to “The Krummling

  1. awesomepie

    You may or may not have noticed, but I’ve changed around things a little bit… but only a little. The biggest change, probably, is the tag cloud. I’ve added tags to most of my stories, depending on common themes they tend to share. I’m sure I could add more or take some out, but I think it’s all a good representation of myself and I’m sure you could try to psychoanalyze me based on these tags:
    At last, the ABCs include aliens, booze, and children as a delightful trio. And finally(!), Wolf Blitzer is where he truly belongs – right next to zombies (much love to the Wolf-man; your beard is an inspiration to us all).

  2. sanskritoflove

    good call, dude, to incorporate the tagging dynamic. it could curry attention from a wide array of readers outside of the undeniables workshop. i haven’t tagged my stuff but, for some reason, i drew comments from some guy in australia ‘coz one of my poems (i can’t remember which one) came up when he search-engined the wordpress database.

    btw… i’ve mentioned this before, but here’s a link to those horror/macabre flash-fic books-for-kids i might’ve mentioned to you before:

    your stuff is totally different, unique, and sentient… but i’m thinking that, should you publish, you could anthologize your pieces like alvin schwartz pressed his. just a thought & nothing more – bottom line is, i’d love for you to get your stuff out there 😉

    and on a supergeek anecdote… as per “seamus”, your celtic/irish nom de plume… i believe that filipinos are the irish of asia: mostly catholic, colonized island people who love to drink, fight, and make wild infectious music. the irish have U2, while filipino americans like kirk hammett of metallica and joey santiago of the pixies gave artists like kurt cobain the inspiration to let go and lose their minds. (i’m not kidding! i recently wrote an “encyclopedia on asian americans in media” entry on this!)

    anyway. BOOOOOOZE!

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