The Terrible Stomach

The terrible stomach growled. It sounded like a motorcycle revving its engine. The stomach leapt on top of the tallest skyscraper in New York and began devouring it. The terrible stomach rumbled. It tore up the streets and the sidewalks, bathed in the busted pipelines. The terrible stomach battled Godzilla and ate him too. The terrible stomach consumed the military, its tanks, its jet planes. It crushed choppers with its massive gut (for that’s all it was) and bounced off to get its greens at the park. When the carnage had subsided, the terrible stomach left into the ocean to sleep off a stomach ache.


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Filed under Flash Fiction, Session XII

One response to “The Terrible Stomach

  1. Oh, no! Not Godzilla! Does the Terrible Stomach know no boundaries?????

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