The Reverse Racist


The reverse racist is a product of the common racist Racist commonalis, resulting from a gravity-induced genes. When a racist procreates while upside-down, there is a small chance (roughly 20%) of the genes being pushed together by the reversal of gravity caused by standing on one’s head. Though reverse racists were once very rare in nature, the concentration of reverse racists has increased dramatically within only the last year. Some scientists believe that this may be due to evolution, others believe that racists have become healthier and thus their bodies can both perform the physical act of standing on their heads as well the body’s own internal mechanisms that must fuse the genes together. Others believe that the racist of today is bored with its sex life and wants to try “new things” (Carlin 203).


Reverse racists are physically different from the common racist in very subtle ways. The common passerby may notice that there is often a darker pigmentation to their skin, however the diversity of reverse racists has shown that their skin can range from very dark to very light, so it’s difficult to tell based on the coloration of their coat. However, a study by Kreisshammer shows that the only accurate way of determining a reverse racist from the common racist is by checking their bicuspids. The reverse racist has longer bicuspids by “0.3 to 0.8 inches” (Kreisshammer 88).

Social Behavior:

Perhaps because they are so different from their cousin the racist, reverse racists often flock together in tight groupings. Reverse racists love to dance and communicate through a complex series of dances in order to communicate to other reverse racists. A reverse racist that cannot dance is shunned from the community. This brutal act often means death for the lone reverse racist, as even their cousins the racists will usually not take them except in some unique recorded cases.

Their Future:

Because of their inclusionist tendencies, reverse racists will begin separating the gene pool from their ancestors, the Racist commonalis, within two or three generations (Carlin 371). As a result, they will become a completely different race in themselves in an astoundlingly short time, almost unheard of in nature.


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