Definitely in on it.

You in it, inuit? You in on it? Yeah? Then you’re in for it. We don’t take kindly to eskimos around here. See the sign? No blubber biters. This means you. You like to bite blubber, blubber biter? You like to kill whales? Make you feel like a big man? Well, we like our whales around here. Bring in tourism. You bring in tourism, Eskimo? All you got is a hundred words for snow. Yeah, well, here in Alaska we got one word for “go back to where you came from and eat your eskimo pies in Russia!” Shoulda never come over on your ice bridges and your damn canoes. Fuckin’ natives.


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One response to “Definitely in on it.

  1. awesomepie

    I drew a hilarious picture of a sad Eskimo underneath this story. Wish I could have posted that too.

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