Page for Dr. Mueller

The first few times they heard the page, the hospital staff just thought it was technical difficulties. “Dr. Mueller,” a woman’s quiet voice would always say then cut out. It continued, however, and Dr. Mueller, the hospital’s surgeon-in-chief, a short-fused man and recent widower came stomping over to the nurses’ desk.

“You girls might think this is funny, but your shenanigans are blocking up the paging system that we use for emergencies!”

The nurses stared at him blankly until the head nurse spoke up. “It wasn’t us doctor. We’ve all just been here or doing our rounds. It’s much too busy around here lately to pull any pranks.”

“Then who–” Dr. Mueller threw up his hands, though he stopped short when the paging system static started. It was the woman’s voice again, only she was laughing this time. “Someone’s playing games with me!” He stormed off.

Over the next few days, rumors began circulating among the nurses and patients about a ghost haunting the hospital. Dr. Mueller was often seen rushing about the halls every day to find the culprit whenever a page went off. He even threatened to disconnect the phones.

Eventually the paging got to the half-deaf ears of the chief of medicine, Dr. Brown. Though Dr. Mueller’s complaints had been merely a dull buzzing in Dr. Brown’s ears, the talk of ghosts was beginning to spook the superstitious old man. He agreed to Dr. Mueller’s plan to have any staff available guard the phones. As it turned out, there really wasn’t that many staff members available, so they disconnected most of the phones for the day and locked them away.

At first, Dr. Mueller’s plan seemed to be going well, but then the voice came again in a chill whisper. Dr. Mueller looked around at the people in the hospital looking up at the intercoms and then at him. They began whispering to each other without taking their eyes off of him.

“Stop it!” he screamed, tearing down the halls, taking the phone with him. He began ripping all the remaining phones out of the walls, but still the voice followed him.

“Where is it?” he shrieked, circling a pile of phones. “Where’s the last one?”

“Dr. Mueller!” the concerned reprimand came from Dr. Brown’s shriveled lips. “What are you doing with all those phones?”

“There are more phones, Dr. Brown! Secret ones! Where are you hiding them?” The voice over the intercom laughed again. Dr. Mueller screamed and tried to climb the walls to get at a speaker. Dr. Brown promptly called for personnel to pull him off the walls.

Dr. Mueller never came back to the hospital after that day. He retired, citing emotional trauma over the recent loss of his wife as the official reason. The rumor mill still turned and a few said that Dr. Mueller’s wife was the one on the intercom. Some even said that she was haunting the place because he’d killed her, or he never loved her enough, or that she really did love him a lot and was calling to him from beyond. A few said that it was a patient that had died under his operating table at the hospital. Some said that it really was a prank, others that it was Dr. Mueller himself who planned it. This was never really accepted, though, since the man had no sense of humor. No one never really knew for sure, but things continued at the hospital as they always did after that. If anything, it may have been a little brighter, like a curse had been lifted. But that’s just superstition.


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