Sleepytime Tea

Mom Mom says that when I drink sleepytime tea that I’ll have good dreams and you know what? She’s right! I used to have dreams about monsters that chased after me and I was never fast enough because of my heart and they would catch me and I’d wake up and go to my Mommy’s room. When I drink sleepytime tea I have good dreams about ponies that fly and butterflies that sing songs.

Mom Mom knows about everything. She told me once that God created me special because He has special plans for me. Sometimes I feel like God doesn’t think about me much because my chest is always hurting. Mom Mom has some gunk she rubs on me that helps me calm down and feel better. Mommy tells me bedtime stories. Sometimes I dream that Mom Mom is a good fairy that grants my wishes. Sometimes though I don’t dream at all. That’s always when the silver worms come. I see them crawling on my eyes and I get scared and faint. I wake up and everyone looks scared for me. I don’t want them to be scared for me.

Me and my family used to go to church but we left. Our pastor said that my fainting was because I didn’t believe in God hard enough. Mommy got angry. She and Pop Pop got and a fight because she didn’t like me being in church. Mom Mom said I should decide for myself. I didn’t want to make Pop Pop mad but I didn’t like it there. I like God though, so now we pray at home to Him every morning. Mom Mom and Pop Pop still go to church most Sundays but Pop Pop’s back and legs always hurt so sometimes they don’t go.

The silver worms sometimes crawl on my eyes but I try to dream now that one day they will be pretty butterflies that sing to me. I am happy that God made me special and gave me Mommy and Mom Mom and Pop Pop too. I hope we will be happy forever!



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2 responses to “Sleepytime Tea

  1. edrensumagaysay

    like a bedtime story.

  2. I like this story because it reminds me of Edren.

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