The Start of Every Grand Adventure

<<AlastairDuArden has entered the chatroom>>

AlastairDuArden: First!

AzzerothiusGM: Welcome to Azzerothius, Alastair, level 4/5 half-dark elf fighter/mage. You may sit and drink at the pub while you wait for your companions.

AlastairDuArden: Gladly. I’ll flirt with the bar wenches while I wait. lol

AzzerothiusGM: The one waiting on you is a half-orc.

AlastairDuArden: Ouch. Nevermind then.

<<**DaRkFaNg** has entered the chatroom>>

AzzerothiusGM: LOL

**DaRkFaNg**: sup gusy

**DaRkFaNg**: guys

AzzerothiusGM: Alastair, you see the roguish Dark Fang enter the pub with his trusty wolf, Shadow.

AlastairDuArden: Come and have a seat. Ben’s RP cockblocking me, anyway.

**DaRkFaNg**: Cool. i have a seat and order an ale.

<<VampQueen2008 has entered the chatroom>>

Vampqueen2008: hey guys

**DaRkFaNg**: yo

AlastairDuArden: Hail.

Vampqueen2008: Sarah said she’d be here in a minute. Her parents are making her take out the trash.

AzzerothiusGM: Welcome to Azzerothius. You both see a pale woman drift into the pub. She’s strangely alluring.

AzzerothiusGM: That’s fine. You can have a seat in the pub.

AlastairDuArden: I hit on her.

Vampqueen2008: I bite his throat out.

AzzerothiusGM: The pub’s a sanctuary, Jess. No biting your traveling companions.

Vampqueen2008: 😥

<<bellaXedward88 has entered the chatroom>>

**DaRkFaNg**: hey sarah!

<<c0ckm4st3r69 has entered the chatroom>>

bellaXedward88: hey guys

c0ckm4st3r69: yo

AzzerothiusGM: I told you guys to use handles with the names of your chars 😡

bellaXedward88:It is! My character’s name is Bella Xedward. She’s a human in love with vampires.

AzzerothiusGM: …

c0ckm4st3r69: Yea and mines the Cockmaster!

**DaRkFaNg**: whos cock is he mastering?

c0ckm4st3r69: shut up!!1

c0ckm4st3r69: hes a dwarf who beats people to death with a steel cock!

AlastairDuArden: And as green as a dryad’s pubes.

c0ckm4st3r69: WTF?!?!

AlastairDuArden: It means your a noob!

Vampqueen2008: Thanks, guys. I really didn’t need either of those images in my head.

c0ckm4st3r69: screw you!

**DaRkFaNg**: I roll to steal cockmaster’s cock.

c0ckm4st3r69: yea, I bet you would fag!

bellaXedward88: Why are boys so obsessed with their dicks? Creepy boys are creepy XP

AzzerothiusGM: Alright, guys. Let’s just get started.

AlastairDuArden: What about Bryan?

AzzerothiusGM: He’s late. Forget it.

<<inuyashafan58339 has entered the chatroom>>

inuyashafan58339: Hey! sorry im late!

AzzerothiusGM: Inuyasha walks into the room. He looks like a dillweed with cat ears and a big sword that’s compensating for something.

inuyashafan58339: They’re dog ears dammit! He has dog ears!

AzzerothiusGM: He’s a furry.

inuyashafan58339: Shut up! Inuyasha could beat anyone with his Tetsaiga.

AzzerothiusGM: I never let your character have that. He has a bastard sword. Because he’s a bastard child of a dog and an emo kid.

inuyashafan58339: STFU 😦

bellaXedward88: I think it’s cute. Not very original but cute.

inuyashafan58339: thx! 🙂

AzzerothiusGM: Alright. Let’s just get started.

c0ckm4st3r69: I mack on some girlies with my giants steel cock.

AlastairDuArden: Bar wench should be your type.

Vampqueen2008: I kill everyone in the room and leave. It’s nighttime, right?

AzzerothiusGM: You guys have to roll if you want to do anything.

**DaRkFaNg**: I roll to steal Sarah’s virginity.

bellaXedward88: WHAT?

Vampqueen2008: Over my dead body!

c0ckm4st3r69: Yea! Hit that son!

AzzerothiusGM: ENOUGH! The entire pub burns down.

bellaXedward88: Edward saves me!

inuyashafan58339: My Robe of the Fire Rat protects me from harm.

AzzerothiusGM: You don’t have that! You’re not an anime character! The fire burns your hp down to 1 and you all barely escape with your lives. Now stop acting like children and let’s get started!


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