Why, oh why did I eat that ice cream? It was just one scoop. Well, one scoop of chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, and rocky road. I was going for all the classics but rocky road’s my favorite, you know. Oh, but my poor stomach. All I did was eat just one waffle cone of ice cream, but it kept dripping so I put another two cones underneath to hold in the spillage. That’s all. And just a few sprinkles, really (I’m trying to cut back on the sprinkles). Then there was the granola, which is healthy, I hear, and some chocolate chips and some white chocolate chips to balance it out. I went for the Oreo crumbs because I usually put one candy topping on, but then I’d never tried the Snickers topping before so I tried that out too. And of course, no sundae is complete without whipped cream and a cherry, so I said “pile it on!” And I swear I only asked for one cherry but it was tied at the stem so I got two. I just got lucky, I guess. Oh, but why does my stomach hurt so much? I only had a little ice cream and I didn’t even eat that much today, either.


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