Little Dachschund, Big World

The smallest dog was just recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records on Saturday in the city of Plainfield. The 2-year-old dachshund named Bodie is just over 7 centimeters long at full size. He is healthy enough and he doesn’t eat much, but he was difficult for his owners, Bob and Gloria Mumford, to take care of him at first. The Mumfords had to keep track of him with a magnifying glass. They tried taking him for walks for a few weeks, but when he got lost one time in the front yard, it took the frazzled couple a day and a half to find him. They had found the poor pooch yapping at a beetle. Now, they keep him in a hamster cage with plenty of food and water, though they’re thinking of expanding the tubes in his crawl space to move around the room. He gets lonely when they leave to go to the other side of the living area to watch T.V. and it’s a hassle to lug around that large plastic cage every time they want to watch Wolf Blitzer on their big screen. A specialist comes only every other week now to check up on his health. The Mumfords say that it’s a pointless task. “Aside from being unusually small, Bodie’s unusually healthy. We’ve never had a problem with him.” Looks like Bodie will be living the dog’s life for a long time.


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