Conspiracy Theory

The mushroom cloud will rumble bright, lighting up the midnight sky while someone far underground snickers at the destruction. A million lives will be lost, too many to comprehend, like a swarm of insects sprayed and hurling poison from their guts. Or trying to hurl out their guts to get away from the poison. But still, one would have to think that these are humans, not just a number or a swarm. Or maybe one doesn’t, but it takes either a very weak or a very strong mind to block that kind of information. So, who could have done this? Who could have murdered all these people? Who is at the other end of the Big Red Button that shall not be pressed? Cockroaches. They’re in control of everything. They could nuke this whole world five times over and sit on the verandas of their motels, smoking Cubans. They’ll outlive us all.


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Filed under Flash Fiction, Session VIII

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