Final Frontier

Gene Rodenberry’s ashes went hurtling through the empty vacuum, as they were wont to do given the laws of physics. But then, tens of thousands of years later, the ashes were suddenly acted upon by an unbalanced force! Gene Roddenberry’s airtight capsule shattered upon impact, exploding into the ground. The bacteria within the ashes grew and flourished in its alien environment. Roughly a trillion years or so later, Gene Roddenberry’s bacteria has sparked the life of hundreds of thousands of creatures, evolved from what may have been a piece of Roddenberry’s brain (or not… but wouldn’t that be cool and ironic?!). People walk the surface of this planet, though white and green and bumpy-foreheaded races tend to wage war from time to time. Maybe someday, they will live in harmony among the stars in cool-looking spaceships. One can only hope. I’m sure the shattered remains of his wife, broken apart in an asteroid field over a trillion years ago, is smiling down (metaphorically speaking—space has no “down,” of course!) on her husband and saying, “Good for you, Gene. You did it. Good for you.”


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Filed under Flash Fiction, Session VIII

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