“Hey, Dexter! Are you gonna kill some people today?”

“Shut up!” Dexter whined. He hated the kids in Kindergarten. They were always making fun of him. Why did he have to have to be named after a killer on T.V.?

Nick was the biggest bully. He acted like he was stabbing himself with a knife. “Oh no! I’m dead! Dexter killed me!”

“I did not!” Dexter wanted to cry. Why did they always have to pick on him? “Dexter only kills bad guys anyway so you shut up!” He didn’t know how that made Dexter a good guy, but he felt like the only way to defend himself was to defend the T.V. killer that his parents liked to watch.

The other kids weren’t listening. “Watch out everybody!” Nick laughed. “Dexter’s gonna kill you! Run!”

Everyone ran away from Dexter, who chased after them, snot flying loose from his nose. “Come back! I’m not a killer!” Dexter sat on a swing and cried.

After recess, Mrs. Carver took the kids to the library. The librarian talked about books and then let the kids read on their own. Dexter picked up a book about a kid who made friends with monsters and decided to become one. He saw that Nick reading with his friends, making fun of the pictures in a book. Dexter took his book and hit him with the pointy side right in the neck.

Nick’s face turned red and ugly. Dexter felt disgusted, not with himself but with Nick. He had always been such a bully and now he was just a weenie. Dexter wanted to hit him more until he stopped, but Mrs. Carver grabbed his arm. It felt like she was trying to pull it off.

“Dexter! Why did you do that? Look at me! Why did you do that!”

“He’s a bully! He deserved it!”

“You don’t do that to people! You do not do that! You hear me! You’re going to time out and I’m going to tell your parents about this!”

“I don’t want time out! He deserved it! I’ll kill him! I’ll kill you!” He thrashed to get at Nick. Dexter must have looked really mean. Nick stopped crying. All their big eyes looked at him like they had just seen the bogeyman.


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