Mikael and Earl

Mikael and Earl have two different philosophies on vampirism. Mikael only turns beautiful people—men, women, it doesn’t matter. He lusts for young blood. For Mikael, vampires are meant to be a race removed, to look different and superior to the flesh they feed upon. Earl, on the other hand, feels that there needed to be variety in the vampire kingdom. There can’t just be beautiful vampires. It just isn’t natural! Earl doesn’t discriminate when he turns his victims into creatures of the night.

Mikael and Earl try to thwart each other’s philosophies on vampirism by creating more vampires in their image. Mikael stays out late into the night to find more beautiful people. Even though his vampires are often leaner, younger, and more physically fit, Mikael is frustrated to find that Earl can tap into any resources that he wants. Earl begins making an army of the sick and old, the very young and the deformed. Mikael and his vampires begin killing off anyone who isn’t beautiful.

Mikael and Earl start a war with each other over their philosophies on vampirism. Mikael’s troops are small, adopting the principles of guerrilla warfare. They strike from the shadows and they kill off Earl’s supply of food and troops. Earl’s troops march the streets en masse. Every night, gunfire and violence erupts in the street. The residents of the city and some of the vampires who treasure their immortal lives flee for safer territories.

Mikael and Earl kill each other over their philosophies on vampirism.


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Filed under Flash Fiction, Session VII

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